Friday, 15 June 2012

Lesson #4 - Frontcrawl Kicking

Welcome back, beginners! Today we're going to go over an essential part of any swimming you do - the kick! We will specifically be going over the frontcrawl kick since it is the easiest one and the one that most people start off with.

First, there is a simpe drill that you can do on land that will make it easier for you to complete this exercise once you're in the water. Simply sit on a chair or couch, and lift your legs up into the air. Then, simply lift one leg up at the same time that you put your other leg down. Then, alternate, and keep going until you can alternate your legs rapidly. Now it's time for the water!

To begin, get into shallow water. Hold on to a pool wall with both hands. Next, try to lift your lower body up towards the surface. This may take some practice if you have a weak lower back. If done successfully, your body should be completely flat against the surface of the water with your hands on the wall and your face out of the water and looking forward. Next, begin to alternate your legs the same way you did on land. Your feet should come out of the water about an inch high and should kick underneath the water about a foot deep, meaning that your feet should have a maximum range of a little more that one foot.

While doing this, you should feel your body push towards the wall that you're holding. If you're not feeling any resistance, try and point your toes more. Pointed toes allow the surface area of your foot to push against the water properly, and hence will move you forward. Anyway, that's all for today, make sure to stay tuned for more tutorials!

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