Sunday, 3 June 2012

Welcome to Swimming Tutorials!

Are you afraid of the water, or a beginning swimmer wanting to improve your aquatic abilities? Perhaps you're a competitive swimmer desperate for that extra edge over your competitors. Either way, have no fear; everything you need to know will be covered right here on this site.

What exactly will be covered, you ask?

For Beginners:
- Getting over your fear of the water!
- New techniques that will help you easily stay afloat!
- Worried about drowning? No problem! Water safety tips that will make you drown-proof!
- Treading water effortlessly!
- Becoming friendly with the deep end!
- Learn the four core swimming strokes with ease; impress your friends with your swimming knowledge!

For Intermediate/Competitive Swimmers:
- Technique aspects of each stroke - swim effortlessly and smoothly!
- Generating power in your stroke!
- Dives, turns and streamlines!
- World-class sets that will condition your body and make it ready for racing!
- Dryland and strength training sets and tips!
- Nutrition tips that will keep your body energized and recovered after tough practices!
- Swimming equipment and its uses!
- The newest drills to keep your stroke sharp!

Both groups will also have the opportunity to read Olympic Swimmer Bios and interesting History of Swimming portions of the site. Learn more about your favorite athletes and/or the unique history of the sport you adore!

The best part about this? It's all 100% FREE. That's right, no paying money for the information that should rightfully be yours. There is no scam - this is simply a blog that WILL help you improve your swimming, no matter what level you're at. Make yourself at home, and most importantly, enjoy your healthy lifestyle!

Don't forget to stay tuned! This blog will be updated frequently with new, exciting content!


Who am I, you ask? What are my credentials?

Hi everyone, my name is Lukas. I have been a competitive swimmer for over 12 years (having qualified for National Championships and many international meets), and I have been coaching nearly every level of swimming (from people afraid to put their face in the water to competitive swimmers who have qualified for championship competitions) for the past 5 years. I feel I am obligated to share my knowledge of the sport free of cost, due to the fact that I know how practical the knowledge I now have would have been to me when I was first learning to swim/ when I was an age group competitive swimmer. As an athlete and a coach, I believe it is my duty to provide EVERYONE with my experience in the sport of swimming; one of the fastest growing, healthy and lovable sports in the world.

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