Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lesson #2 - Putting Your Face in the Water

Hello Beginners, today it's time to face what is a challenge to many beginning swimmers - putting your face in the water. Although it may be one of the most fearful first-time experiences with swimming, you'll soon realize that you are able to do it with ease and that there's really nothing to be afraid of.

To start off, I'd suggest beginning in your own bathroom. Using the water from your sink/shower, cup both of your hands together and fill them up with water. Try putting your face between your hands so that your face is submerged. Remember to take a deep breath before you do this. Practice this a few times, trying to see how long you can hold your face in the water. Easy, right? It is no different than being in a pool.

Now, let's move to the pool. Once you're in the water, in the shallow end of the pool (preferably 2-3 feet deep), try staying near one of the pool walls. Next, place both hands on the pool wall that you are closest to. Now try bending over, putting your face right near the water. Just as you did before in your hands, try slightly submerging your face in the water, making sure that you take a deep breath before you do this. The most important thing to realize in this stage is that there is absolutely nothing to fear. As long as you have air in your lungs and your hands are on the wall, there is no possible way anything bad can happen. You have the ability to  lift your head out of the water if needed; you are in control of what happens.

If you are having trouble with this, here is a tip that might help you. At first, try quickly sticking your face in the water and immediately pulling it out. Do this a few times until you're comfortable with it, and then move into holding your face under water for one full second. Add another second, and repeat. This will create a gradual process that will make you more comfortable in the water and will make you realize that you are in control of how long your face stays under; the water will not keep you under.

I hope this has helped all of you. Once you realize that you have complete control, you will gain confidence and a lot more comfort in the water. Remember, you can pull your face out at any time you wish! Make sure to stay tuned for your next lesson which involves learning proper breathing techniques and blowing bubbles. As always, if you have ANY questions, ask them in the comment section below each blog! So long for now!

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