Sunday, 10 June 2012

Flippers / Swim Fins

Flippers, also known as swimming fins, are a valuable tool when it comes to swimming. Many people follow the assumption that flippers simply make things easier and allow you to swim faster. While this may be the case, flippers have many more uses than this. In this post I will explain why flippers are one of the most important pieces of swimming equipment that you can have.

Firstly, flippers allow you to really feel your kick. Flippers basically act as extended feet. Therefore, they allow you to realize what kick tempo, depth and power you need to use to maximize your kick efficiency. Also, since the flippers are so large, if you have an error in your kick, you will feel it more than you would with just your feet. The increases surface area of your foot when wearing flippers allows you to feel every part of your kick, and therefore you can evaluate your kick more effectively.

Secondly, flippers allow you to swim at a faster speed. Not only is this important for showing off and getting a workout done in a shorter amount of time, but this allows you to get used to the faster pace that you are swimming at. In other words, your body will adapt to the new speed it gains, which will allow you to adjust your stroke rate and kick tempo to match that speed even when you aren’t using the flippers. Flippers are excellent for conditioning your body to swim faster and more efficiently.

If you are unfamiliar with flippers/swimming fins, there is nothing to fear. Swim fins fit just like shoes; you’re typically going to be the same size in fins as you are in shoes. They typically sell for anywhere from $15-40, depending on the quality that you want. A rather cheap investment considering the benefit that they provide.

Well, that’s it for this section, I hope you enjoyed and learned a thing or two. Make sure to stay tuned; many lessons and equipment reviews are on their way!

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