Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lesson #3 - Breathing and Blowing Bubbles

Welcome back beginners! Now, after last lesson, we now know how to put our face in the water without fear. The next step is to practice our breathing techniques; as you'll find out, this is one of the most important areas of swimming. Although it may seem a bit foolish, learning to blow bubbles is actually key if you want to learn proper breathing techniques.

So, let's get started. First, hop in the water and grab on to one of the pool walls with both hands. Before we start, you may want to practice this breathing technique beforehand. Simply take a deep breath in with your mouth, then close your mouth and breathe out through your nose. Once you're in the water with both hands on the wall, the next step is to bend over and enter your face in the water. Before your face enters, make sure to take a deep breath in with your mouth.

Next, once your face is submerged, slowly release the air through your nose, just like you practiced before. If done correctly, you should see many air bubbles zooming past your face towards the surface. Now, once you start to run out of air, try lifting your face out of the water and breathing in through your mouth again. From then on, it is simply a rinse and repeat method (quite literally!). It is advised that you practice this technique often, as it will prove to be very useful in the future. Try to see how many times in a row you can do the entire progression!

Congratulations! You have just learned the proper breathing technique in swimming. I hope you enjoyed the lesson and learned something from it. Stay tuned because next time we're going to talk about one of the most important factors in swimming - kicking!

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